A lot has been going on here at Firefly lately.  We had a movie screening of “Captain Ron” with Kurt Russell.  It’s a classic movie and it was a great time getting together for a great outdoor movie screening.

We also had a couple Jazz Musicians stop by this past Sunday morning, they sounded great.


(A shot from a mobile phone of the musicians)
Besides the great movies, great music, and great coffee, we’ve also been pumping out plenty of tasty treats 🙂 Some of which are pictured below…



These treats are tasty, and if you’re lucky, can be in your near future.  Come check us out at 131 Front Street in Santa Cruz.


Along with our new website, we have added a new Firefly “Page” on facebook.  Become a fan today 🙂

With this new site, as well as our new Page on Facebook, we hope to be able to keep you all up to date with whats going on at our shop as well as new tasty treats that we happen to start offering.

Just search “Firefly Coffee” on Facebook and become a fan.

The Firefly Coffee House #2 was established in March of 2007. Joe Slowik and Caitlin Parker had a vision of creating someplace in Santa Cruz that did not exist. This would be a comfortable place, that served amazing coffee, amazing food, and affordable prices. So in September of 2006 Caitlin, Joe, and some great friends began construction in an old Taxicab dispatch center. They didn’t have much money, and had zero construction skills….but they made it work. From the handmade counter to the funky tile job, to the brightly colored paint, they had finally built the Firefly. Next came the people. They came from far and wide to gather round our fire. They found Artists, business people, creative minds, families, and much more. These amazing people have made the Firefly what it is today. A place where all can come and be on a level  playing ground. The Firefly is always shifting and molding, but it is always the same comfortable faces, and there is always room at the bar.


Welcome to the New Firefly Coffee House Site.  Throughout this website you will find a variety of colorful information, that makes us the most personable and unique shop in town.  In the two years we have been in business we have been coined the “unofficial people’s coffee house” We want ALL to feel welcome and at home. Please enjoy.n500926744_158287_2431